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Let’s be clear about something here before we begin: everybody is an expert (or “expert enough”) in at least one body of knowledge. It doesn’t matter what it is. Maybe you know how to sing a little bit better than everybody else, maybe you know your way around the basketball court, maybe have discovered a way of running a little bit faster, or maybe you know how to make money with Twitter or Facebook. Regardless of who you’re dealing with, everybody has at least one area of expertise.

We can all agree on this because not all of us have the same experiences. Not all of us have had the same things happen to us. It is precisely this difference in experience levels that make hanging out with our friends and family members so rich and rewarding. We get to look at the world from many different eyes and different perspectives. We also get to explore it through our shared stories at different times.

Since this is the case, did you know that people might actually pay for your expertise? This is the reason why the online coaching business is a large multimillion dollar industry. People all over the world are interested in what other people have to teach them. In fact, you only need to look at platforms like Udemy and the huge following of tutorial channels on YouTube to get a rough idea of the demand out there.